1. My name is Brendan. I am majoring in Communication Design and I am a Junior. AMA
  2. I am really interested in UI design and UX. So I'm hoping to get a lot out of this class.
  3. I have a some experience with HTML and CSS, and a good amount of experience with Java.
  4. I hope to learn how to use HTML and CSS effectively.
  5. I expect for text editors to be more strict than any pencil I have ever used.
  6. Netflix is a simple site that provides what is needed in order for me to watch shows, movies, etc. in a not so confusing way.
  7. While Reddit isn't the best designed site, it still offers a lot of information is a cohesive way. (Except for the comments)
  8. Interaction Foundations This website will help me not fail this class. Therefore I think it works extremely well.